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At Westlakes Veterinary Hospital in Lake Macquarie, we stock a great selection of high-quality products in our vet shop in Fennell Bay. Commercial pet food is, more often than not, pet junk food. It is a far cry from the fresh meat diet our pre-domesticated pets were designed to live on.

Low-quality ingredients, insufficient protein levels and poorly digestible protein sources, compensated with artificial colourants and flavourants, are the hallmarks of most commercial pet foods that are produced with low production costs, rather than good nutrition, as the end goal.

Premium Pet Food for Dogs, Cats & Rabbits

Veterinary diets, by contrast, are carefully researched, quality foods. Using premium grade carbohydrate sources and highly digestible animal protein at the correct, higher proportions, they are balanced in micronutrients and contain no artificial colourants or flavourants.

Tailored to cater for the specific dietary requirements of different ages, breed sizes and even health conditions, they are the gold standard of animal nutrition.

The results are multifactorial. Good nutrition promotes good systemic health, which can be seen in bright eyes, glossy, healthy coats, happy pets and a skin that is not dry and itchy. As premium food is protein and nutrient dense, smaller portion sizes are required, and the bag lasts longer. This, combined with greater digestibility results in less poop on the other end.

We’d love to help you select from the premium foods we trust for our own pets, and hospital patients.

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Tick & Flea Products

Not all tick and flea products are created equal. Let us direct you to the effective, researched, veterinary-approved products for complete protection against ticks and fleas. To enquire about the stock at our vet shop, contact our team today on 02 4959 5766. We also provide a range of treatments and services including veterinary care, vaccinations, surgery, ultrasounds, x-rays, grooming and puppy pre-school classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stay calm and bandage!

Discourage your pet from any active movement, such as running or walking, as the muscle contractions facilitate circulation of the lymphatics, and with it, the venom. Do apply a pressure bandage around the affected limb, starting south of the bite and bandaging upwards. If you don’t have a bandage, wrap a few stretchy shirts to apply pressure.

A pressure bandage is snug but is not so tight that it stops blood circulation. It slows lymphatic circulation, until you can get antivenom. Do not tourniquet the limb! It could result in an unnecessary amputation of the limb if the blood supply is cut off for long enough and the tissue dies.

Do not waste time cleaning the site of the bite, the venom is already in the system and what is on the surface of the skin is negligible. Do not try to catch or kill the snake for identification. Veterinary clinics stock polyvalent antivenom, which is effective against both black and brown snake venom.

Do contact a Veterinary Clinic immediately. Keep your pet calm and still and drive carefully.