Meet Our Team

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Meet Our Team

A talented group of hard-working people with a passion for Veterinary Science and a love of animals, team together to produce an outstanding service.

Our Veterinary Team

Dr Joshua Dabrowski

Qualifying in the top five of his class in South Africa, Dr Joshua Dabrowski has gained years of experience in small animal diagnostics and advanced surgery.

Alongside his business partner, he ran an extremely successful and continuously expanding Small Animal Practice in Johannesburg for several years before immigrating to Australia. That journey finally culminated in the purchase of Westlakes in 2020, and the big plans for a little practice started with a bang… crash and overall renovation to ring in the next season of Westlakes Veterinary Hospital.

Dr Josh is passionate about surgery, and developed his expertise under the mentorship of a surgeon specialist in South Africa. He has extensive experience in advanced surgical cases, ranging from complex orthopedic surgeries, such as spinal decompressions, joint surgeries and fracture repairs, to complex soft tissue surgeries, such as ear, nose and throat procedures, advanced abdominal surgeries and eye surgeries.

Renowned for his warm sincerity, he enjoys interacting with his clients and caring for pets throughout their life journeys.

Dr Josh loves spending time with his young family, doing DIY projects, being outdoors, bird watching and hiking. His lifelong passion for animals has resulted in a menagerie of pets being kept at home over the years, ranging from (harmless) pet snakes, to a well-stocked aviary, tortoises, chickens, geese, ducks, a meerkat and huge Great Danes.

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Illustration Of A Duck — Veterinary Hospital In Lake Macquarie

Dr Wendy Fisher

Dr Wendy Fisher is well known and highly regarded in veterinary circles in NSW. Her interesting career has seen her practice in the UK as well as holding the challenging position of CEO at the busy AREC for many years.

Dr Fisher’s energetic enthusiasm and passion for her craft is complimented by her extensive medical knowledge and deep empathy for animals. She loves the challenge of solving difficult medical cases and goes beyond the call of duty to relieve animal’s discomfort and get to the root of the problem. Aside from her medical and surgical excellence, Or Fisher is particularly skilled with ultrasonography, which is invaluable in the practice diagnostics.

Dr Fisher loves spending quality time with her family, friends and being active.

Dr Emma Leary

Dr Emma Leary qualified in 2008 from the University of Sydney and has over 10 years of quality Veterinary experience behind her. Her quiet, calming approach is combined with detailed diagnostics, resulting in a peaceful and accurate veterinary service for pets. Dr Leary enjoys the academic challenge of working up complex cases, as well as a special interest in endocrinology and soft tissue surgery.

In her free time, Dr Leary enjoys spending time with her young family, pets, staying fit, cooking, baking and gardening.

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Dr Allie Cornell

Having been very popular in another practice in the region, Dr Allie initially started with us doing casual work, but loved both our team and our personal, thorough approach so much that she decided to join us permanently. Dr Allie has remarkable depth as a veterinarian and is particularly passionate about dentistry, geriatric care and soft tissue surgery. When not at work, she enjoys gardening, cooking and bushwalking.

Our Veterinary Nursing Team:

Westlakes Veterinary nurses are a highly trained. They are integrally involved in the functioning of the practice, from being a welcoming face at reception, working hand-in-glove with the vets in Team Consulting, and skillfully performing complementary roles to the vets in treatment and theatre.

All of them are animal lovers, their gentle handling and compassionate treatment of animals results in a relaxed experience for pets, while receiving top class medical care and monitoring during their stay.

Illustration Of A Dog — Veterinary Hospital In Lake Macquarie
Puppies With Veterinarian — Veterinary Hospital In Lake Macquarie

Heidi is well known for her sincere warmth and welcoming efficiency. With years of valuable experience, she manages reception with ease and is a well-equipped and friendly host of our puppy classes. A collection of rescued stray animals at home is testament to Heidi’s heartfelt concern for animals, resulting in a family of mismatched, much-loved pets.

Courtney excels in organization, efficiency and team consulting. A lifelong learner, Courtney has attained a Certificate in Feline Nursing with distinction as well as studying managerial courses. Courtney has a heartfelt passion for cats and indulgently spoils her own at home.

Jess is passionate about veterinary nursing. With her calm professionalism, she rotates fluidly between assisting clients in reception and assisting the surgeons in theatre. Jess has a well-loved cat and dog at home.

Ashlee brings valuable expertise in the area of animal anaesthetics, having honed her skills developing tailored anaesthetic plans for the specialist surgeons at SASH. Cutting edge anaesthetic drug choices, precision dosages and careful monitoring results in the safest route through surgery. We are excited to have her on the surgical and consulting teams at Westlakes.

Bridie has an intuitive feel for animals. She interprets their signals well and they quickly relax in her care. Not surprisingly, Bridie particularly enjoys grooming. When not at work, she can be found riding her horse in the farmlands.

Daniel and Tylah started out as TAFE students and were so outstanding we employed them further. They bring a fresh fun, talent and sincere compassion for animals to the mix of Westlakes.

Our Team Continued

Bridie started out as a nurse student completing her practicals at Westlakes and was asked to stay on. Animals quickly relax in Bridie’s calming company, and she has a particular interest in grooming, which she heads up in the practice. When not at work, Bridie can be found riding her horse in the farmlands.

Erin has extensive nursing experience and brings a well-rounded dynamic to the team. Erin’s relaxed demeanour belies a sharp sense of humour, much to everyone’s enjoyment.

Jess brought her cat in for a consultation and left with a job offer! Her calm professionalism, kindness and work ethic are a great asset to our team and she is much appreciated.

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